Applying for Exchange







1. Decide on the school from among our partner universities.
If you can't decide on what might be the best placement for you, please talk with our outgoing erasmus advisor. p>


2. Research Application Procedures at the host university
The student is responsible for checking the host institution's website for information required for the application.
Please also be informed that the process of application to the host institutions must be handled individually by you. Our Office does not post application documents to host institutions. Partner institutions sometimes post the necessary information on their websites instead of sending e-mails.
Information as to the exact application procedure may be found on each school's application form or website.
Learn whether the application is made via an online system or whether you must submit documents by email or regular post.
Learn the application deadline. Late application or missing document risks your admission.
Note that the application forms may be online.


3. Prepare you application Requirements can vary between universities, so please make sure that you have the full list of documents you need to submit. Universities typically require that you submit your x-y-z.
The Erasmus institutional code of our university is TR ISTANBU01. Some universities request this information during application.


Photocopy of Your Passport
Another document that partner institutions might request during your application is a copy of your passport.
If you do not have a passport or you need to extend it when you submit an application, you can visit our office and see Tuna Çomak, who will provide you with a letter for passport fee exemption and explain the steps to follow.



3. Submit the Application
Send the Application Form of your host institution before the application deadline. Make sure that you include any supplementary documents that are required by your host institution.

We strongly advise you to send your documents as soft copies via e-mail before sending them through surface mail. This will help secure the safe receipt of your application on time.


Submit Exchange E-Petition You also need to fill out an Exchange e-Petition at [Öğrenim Anlaşması]. See this link for more information about the e-petition.


Letter of Acceptance
Expect to receive your Letter of Acceptance [Kabul Mektubu] from your host institution no later than two months prior to your departure date. On many occasions, the acceptance letters are first received by our Office and then forwarded to students. If you receive your letter of acceptance directly, please bring a copy of it to the Office.


The country to which you are traveling may require a visa for entrance.

  • Learn the requirements of the visa application for that country. Check the web site of its consulate. Note that only the consulates can provide correct information about the visa procedures; our office is neither authorized to nor capable of overseeing your visa applications.
  • Consulates often require a Letter of Acceptance (signed and stamped) and a letter proving your financial capacity.


Proof of Funding
If you have been selected to receive Erasmus funding, our office can provide a formal financial letter to document the amount of your grant. These documents can only be issued after Erasmus funds are announced in the time span mentioned above. These documents can only be issued during office hours.


At the end of each academic year (generally at the end of June or early July), Erasmus funds for the next year are announced.
After the announcement, check to see if you have been chosen to receive Erasmus funding.


****If you have not been chosen, let us know if you are still planning to go on your own terms by signing the Confirmation without Funding Form [Hibesiz Teyit Belgesi] before the deadline announced by our Office.


You will be sent an e-mail when your documents are ready. These documents are issued both in English and in Turkish. Please make sure that you keep a photocopy of each for multiple uses. The Erasmus institutional code of our university is TR ISTANBU01. Some universities request this information during application.