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Am I an Exchange, Erasmus Exchange or Special Student candidate?

This should be determined before applying since the process differs for each. You are an Erasmus exchange or exchange student if your home university has a bilateral agreement with Boğaziçi University. You apply through your home university. If you have any doubts about your status contact your home university exchange office.

You are a special student if you apply independently, or your home university agrees to pay for your stay at Boğaziçi University.


My university does not have an agreement with Boğaziçi, how should I apply?

The only option is to apply as a Special Student.

How can my exchange application to Boğaziçi University be initiated?

In order to apply for any exchange (Erasmus or otherwise) program, first your department at your home university should have a bilateral agreement with a respective department at Boğaziçi University. Second, your home institution should nominate you and tell us about your nomination before the nomination deadline (See Important Dates page). Make sure that you have been nominated by your home institution before sending your application. Otherwise your application cannot be processed.

How does my institute nominate me?

Please see the Nomination procedure.

How do I apply?

Please see the Application procedure.

Note that the application form contains a Learning Agreement that needs to be approved and signed by your departmental and institutional coordinators of both home and host institutions. All exchange students are required to take at least one course from the department you are enrolled in. Erasmus exchange students need to take at least two courses from the department they are enrolled in.

Do I need to pay any fees in order to apply?


Should I send my application form via regular post, fax, or e-mail?

Original, e-mail attachments or photocopies will be accepted.


Is it possible to receive an extension for the application deadline?


Do I need to provide a document for language proficiency?

Language of instruction at Boğaziçi University is English. Erasmus exchange students and exchange students whose native language is English do not need to provide any documentation. But students whose native language is not English need to provide proof of sufficient English proficiency.

Does Boğaziçi University provide financial aid to exchange students?


What kind of support does Boğaziçi University provide for exchange students in terms of orientation programs and adjustment to the school/city itself?

During the pre-registration period an orientation presentation is offered that will help students learn to navigate public-transportation, receive residence permits and receive student discounted transportation cards and student ID's. Students can always drop by our office with questions during office hours.

Processing of Applications

What should I do after sending my application documents?

Upon receiving a complete application form, the Office of International Relations - Boğaziçi University sends a confirmation message to your e-mail address stated in the application form before sending your files to the respective department. The length of the evaluation process may vary from department to department. Once the departmental evaluation process is concluded you will be informed of the result via e-mail.

What should I do if I have not received any message from the Office of International Relations - Boğaziçi University although I have sent my application form and accompanying documents before the deadline?

You should inform the office ( via e-mail.

How will I be officially informed of the results concerning my Erasmus application?

Once the respective department informs the Office of International Relations of a positive result a Letter of Acceptance is sent to the exchange office of your institution. It is therefore vital to have an updated regular postal address in the Boğaziçi University Erasmus Nomination Form which is filled in and sent by your institution prior to your application files. If the result is negative, the respective department within the Office of International Relations of your institution will be informed via e-mail.


Visa and Residence Permit

Do I need a visa?

As soon as you receive your acceptance letter, along with it you should apply for a Student Visa by contacting the nearest Turkish Consulate in your city/country. The procedure can take about 15 to 45 days. Upon your arrival you need to apply for a residence permit within 30 days. This will allow you to travel in and out of Turkey without re-applying for the visa.

Is it possible to obtain tourist visa rather than a residence permit?

No. Tourist visas can be purchased while entering the country and its duration is 90 days. However, a tourist visa can be taken only once in 180 days and a semester is longer than 90 days. Once you leave the country you cannot come back and finish your semester so you should definitely not take a tourist visa.

What should I do to obtain a residence permit?

Before leaving for Turkey, exchange students should pick up their letter of acceptance from their home institution offices and obtain a multi-entry student visa from the nearest Turkish embassy or consulate.

Upon your arrival you need to apply for a residence permit within 30 days. This will allow you to travel in and out of Turkey without re-applying for the visa.

Make an online appointment to apply for a residence permit !

The following are needed in order to apply for a Residence Permit:

  • The cost of the Residence Permit booklet is 145TL (fee for 2011).
  • Pick up your "Student Certification" from the Office approximately three weeks after the registration.

Following application, the residence permit is processed within several days. The authorities will need to keep your passport in the meantime. It will then be returned to you along with your residence permit booklet. Kindly hand our office a copy of this booklet to be filed along with your other documents. Take the booklet with you if you leave the country; you will need it to re-enter.



Do I need to extend my residence permit?

You will have to extend your residence permit before its expiration if you have one. For extension, you should get certain documents including certificate of education taken from the Office of International Relations after you complete your registration for the respective semester. Later on, you will go to Istanbul Emniyet Mudurlugu* with all the documents for extension.

* Vatan Cd., Istanbul Emniyet Mudurlugu A Blok Kat: 1 Fatih / ISTANBUL

What should I do if I intend to be in the country past the end of the semester?

The Office of International Relations can provide the necessary documents and can help explain the procedure to extend your visa. Also many students choose to leave the country for an over night trip and then purchase a tourist visa which lasts for another three months.



Is a home-stay arrangement offered through the University?


Are living arrangements with Turkish students possible?

Yes, Boğaziçi University offers incoming students some in-site accommodation facilities for Turkish and Exchange Students in the Superdorm. The "Superdorm" is the only dormitory option for exchange, Erasmus exchange and special students and the confirmation of housing request is determined by the availability of rooms.

Students planning to request housing in the Superdorm should check the webpage for information about prices & payment options and forward the Application Form as a Word document to the address as soon as they decide to stay.

All communication on housing issues should be carried out directly with the Superdorm. You are highly recommended to get in contact with the Superdorm administration for the dates and hours you may move in right after your application is accepted.

Since on-campus dormitory facilities are quite scarce we strongly advise that you:

1. File an application to at the same time you apply to Boğaziçi University,

2. If you have received a 'sorry no place available but you are on the wait list' message then try to arrange for temporary housing.

Unfortunately our Office is not authorized to advise on possible alternatives.

3. Quite a number of our exchange students prefer to share flats with friends. They use web-site facilities to inquire about alternatives.

Are students allowed to live off-campus or do exchange students need to live in program approved housing?

Students may find off campus housing.

Can students rent a room in the Superdorm for less than a full semester?

Kindly direct this question to the Superdorm administration.

Is money refunded if one moves out early?

Kindly check the terms of refunds at the Superdorm web page.



How can I get to Boğaziçi University from the Airport?

There are two international Airports in Istanbul.

[ The Atatürk International Airport - at Yeşilköy ]


Ataturk International Airport is close to the city center. Most of the international flights land there.

[ The Sabiha Gökçen Airport - at Kurtköy ]

The Sabiha Gökçen is slightly more distant and is located at the Asian side of the city.

From Ataturk Airport to Boğaziçi University:

Taking a taxi is the easiest way to get to the university. It will cost about 60 TL (single fare valid all day). Kindly give the taxi driver these directions if you intend to come to our office (check work hours) during the day:

In order to reach the Superdorm from the airport, kindly give the taxi driver these directions:

Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Kültür ve Spor Tesisleri, Superdorm

Cengiz Topel Caddesi, Uçaksavar, Etiler

(TEM Otoyoldan gidilir)

Sabiha Gökçen Airport:

Since the Sabiha Gökçen Airport is 50 km away from the city center. You are advised to use Havas, buses if your plane is landing at Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

Havas, Buses:

A private bus company called Havas, has shuttle buses to central locations in Istanbul.

If you want to use these buses from the Atatürk Airport, take the one to Taksim. Tickets are sold on the bus. You can then take the subway to Levent and take a taxi at the exit. It will cost about 10-15 TL. You can also come by taxi directly from Taksim to the university. It will cost about 20-25 TL.

Havas, Shuttle Buses- Atatürk Airport:

* The Ataturk Airport - Taksim : There are shuttle buses at 04:00 A.M and 01:00 A.M, and in every half-hour between 04:00 A.M. - 01:00a.m. The last shuttle time is 01:00 A.M. Ticket Price: 10 TL

Havas Shuttle Buses- Sabiha Gökçen Airport

The Sabiha Gökçen Airport - Taksim: There are shuttle buses for each arriving plane. Ticket price: 10 TL

For more information about the Havas, buses please visit

How can I get to the Office of International Relations - Boğaziçi University?

The map at can be useful for finding your way around the campuses.

You are highly recommended to get in contact with Superdorm ( about moving-in dates and hours prior to your arrival.

Please visit our office after you have checked-in at the Superdorm. Our office is located on the first floor of the Students' Activities Building (Öğrenci Faaliyetleri Binası (ÖFB) in Turkish), at the South Campus (Güney Kampus in Turkish).

Our Office is open weekdays between 09:00-12:30 and 13:30-17:00 hrs.



How should I register?

Students are expected to complete their pre-registration at the scheduled period (see important dates) before online course registration. We help students who arrive late due to their exams or their overlapping program with their home university, but we strongly advise you to arrive at timely.

Registration will be held in two steps. First is handing in of required documents whereby, if complete, each candidate will receive a username+password in order to be able to complete online course registration.

Timely registration is advisable for the avoidance of problems concerning arrival and/or validity of documents.



What are the steps to follow for online registration?

Enter the online system with your username and password given to you at pre-registration period and select your courses. The registration page is: where you can also find the course schedules online. You have to choose the respective term to find which courses are offered by different departments. The link to each department will show the code and the name of courses. You must prepare your course list by using your student number and password, and send it to your advisor for approval before the end of the online registration period. Please note that, your schedule cannot be officially valid unless you get your advisor's final approval

Since the online system is opened at the same time for all our students, it works on a "first come first serve" basis. If you would like to learn the general quota limitations for specific courses, you can check the online schedule which will be published online prior to the registration period.

In order to find out how many ECTS credits each course has, you can check our online schedule at under the category of "general services" at the left side of the page, you'll find the ECTS equivalents of the local credits assigned to each course. You can see the ECTS credits list.


What is the maximum amount of credits allowed to be taken per semester?

This amount depends on a number of factors (such as the department's decision at the sending and receiving institutions) and is subject to change depending on ones major.

Whom should I contact for my further questions regarding my course schedule or any other academic concern?

If you are an Erasmus exchange student you should visit your Departmental Erasmus Coordinator. Otherwise you should contact your Academic Advisor.


Late Registration

Can someone else register on behalf of me?

No. You should be present in person. You will not be able to take your courses online before you come either.

What if I miss the pre-registration dates for any academic or personal reasons?

It is possible to get enrolled in the add-drop period (see important dates). But classes will have started. Thus, you will have to show some effort attending lectures, telling the instructor your status (ie. you would like to be registered for the course, but you could not complete your registration yet, etc.)


Course Information

Is it possible for guests to sit in on classes without being enrolled?

Only upon the instructor's permission.

Is it possible to change departments after being accepted?

No, however it is possible to take classes offered by other departments. You are required to take at least one class from your enrolled department.

How many hours a week do classes meet, and how is it determined?

This depends on the amount of credits assigned for each course.

Is it possible to receive syllabi on request for certain classes?

Many syllabi are posted on line on the various department websites under the profile of the instructors teaching the specific course. For those not posted contact the instructor listed.

When is the first and last day of classes?

Please check the "academic calendar".

How and when is the exam schedule determined?

The exam schedule is posted on the university website midway through the semester. However for special and exchange students provisions to set up separate times may be provided.

Is English always the language of instruction in Boğaziçi University?

The language of instruction at Boğaziçi University is English. Students are advised to inform the Office of International Relations for cases where this rule is violated.

Are there any cultural or sports offers for exchange students?

You can, if you wish, join activities organized by the numerous clubs on campus



How is the Grading System at Boğaziçi University?

The system is much like the ones in American institutions where AA and BA indicate the high performance of the student, where CC indicates the students has achieved the sufficient requirements of the course. DC and DD indicate the student has not performed well and should repeat the course.

[ Grades and Notations ]


Article 13 - A student is granted one of the letter grades below for each course he/she has attended, in accordance with the instructor's evaluation of the student's grades in the course requirements:




AA Excellent


BA Very Good


BB Good


CB Fair-Good


CC Fair


DC Fair-Poor


DD Poor


F Fail


P Pass


E (takes exam again)



AA and BA grades received in a course indicate "superior academic achievement"; a grade of CC indicates "adequate academic achievement." Grades of DC and DD mean that the course has been completed "conditionally."

A grade of F is given to students whose performance does not merit a grade of DD or P.

(Amended paragraph 4: OG-13/02/2007-26433) A grade of P is given for courses or applied courses specified in Article 9 of these Regulations. The P grade is not taken into account in the calculation of grade point averages; however, credits received for the course are added to the student's total earned credits.

Article 14 - The status of a student in a course may be represented by one of the following notations:





Not Present in the Final Exam






On leave




The notations "I" and "NP" above are assigned by the course instructor; others are assigned by the Registrar's Office.

The notation "I" is given to students who have not been able to complete the required tasks on time in a course based on projects, theses, or term assignments for reasons acceptable to the instructor.

A student who has received an "I" for a course is required to complete all the required tasks within a maximum period of two weeks following the examination period. Otherwise, the "I" is converted to a grade of F. However, if the course instructor requests an extension of this period before the end of these two weeks, the relevant Executive Committee can grant the student an additional period of no more than two weeks.

A student cannot withdraw from a course within the last four weeks of a semester. For the Withdrawal Period see the academic calendar.



How and where can I go to replace a lost student ID card?

Report to the Office of International Relations. They will take you through the procedure.

Is it possible for Boğaziçi University to convert the grading scale on transcripts to those used by my home university?

No but transcripts are sent with a table for determining the level of ECTS credits. Home universities can use these to determine the values.

Can the transcripts be sent to multiple universities?

All students are entitled to two transcript copies; both sent to their home institution. Additional copies can be requested through

How do I have my credits transferred from Boğaziçi to my home university?

Boğaziçi Univeristy does not transfer credits. Your home university is authorized to interpret your record.

How do I get a student Akbil for reduced transit fares?

The appropriate documentation and procedure will be provided by the Office of International Relations upon arrival.

A copy of the presentation from the Orientation Meeting?

Is available here.