National Chengchi University International Summer School

NCCU ISS includes 4 weeks of intensive Mandarin course, 2 English-taught programs (containing 9 courses) and 3 optional excursions in 2021 to allow applicants with various budgets, interests and cultural backgrounds to discover the unique charms of Taiwanese cultures. For application, please click here

Below are the important dates for the 2021 NCCU ISS program:

•             Program dates: July 1 - July 31, 2021

•             Application deadline: March 31, 2021

•             Payment deadline: April 23, 2021

•             Accommodation check-in: July 1, 2021

•             Orientation: July 2, 2021

•             Accommodation check-out: July 31, 2021

Please check the flyer for further details.

COVID-19 Strategies

Given the uncertain circumstances of the pandemic, NCCU ISS endeavors to provide international students with extraordinary academic and cross-cultural experiences in the belief that learning should not be confined by geographical boundaries or hurdled by pandemic-related obstructions. The 2021 NCCU ISS program will come with virtual components, provided along with Mandarin classes and English-taught courses. The contents of the courses will be accessible in either the form of a traditional live class or that of pre-recorded materials, which altogether offers more options of participation for applicants in different time zones around the globe. More details will be confirmed and updated in March, 2021.

Academic Program: East Asian Studies and Taiwan Studies

As one of the most reputed universities in humanities and social sciences in Asia, NCCU aims to enrich international students’ knowledge in two main fields with its 2021 ISS program: East Asian Studies and Taiwan Studies. These two programs will provide participants with a panoramic view of the multiple facets of East Asia and Taiwan societies along with their peculiar positions in international communities. 

Optional Excursions: More Vibrant and In-depth Cultural Experiences

Applicants will visit regular tourist spots, such as Taipei 101, the National Palace Museum and indigenous tribes in Taiwan. 2021 NCCU ISS program provides optional small-group excursions for different budgets and unique cultural experiences, which are designed to cater to the applicants’ particular requests and schedules.

Please stay tuned to every platform for most updated news, details and activities about the 2021 NCCU ISS program.

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