Call for Applications: Dalai Lama Fellowship for 2018



Dear students,

Dalai Lama Fellowship applications are open for 2018. Dalai Lama Fellows cultivates and supports a global movement of next generation leaders applying universal values to solve global challenges. The Fellowship offers emerging leaders a rigorous, interdisciplinary program on ways to be a different kind of leader, a leader that connects and cares for self, extends genuine compassion to others, and works for our common humanity. Fellows cultivate practices in mind training for increasing self-awareness, self-care and resilience, for connecting with others and working across differences, and in building solutions for generations to come. Over the course of a year, with the support of mentors and coaches, each Fellow designs and implements an original Field Project addressing a global challenge.  Upon graduation, Fellows join a LifeLong Community, where they connect with and support each other while continuing to advance their leadership journeys. Application Deadline is February 16.

A current 2017 Dalai Lama Fellow shared the following about the impact of our program on her leadership:

“Dalai Lama Fellows has shifted the narrative about leadership because now I’m approaching it from compassion and human connection. I’m somebody who’s driven by social justice but I also felt that I didn’t have that much to give to the communities that I’m working with because my sense of self wasn’t strong and I had a huge problem with self compassion. Through mindfulness, meditation, and self compassion my capacity to care for others and connect with others has increased and it’s leading to outcomes that come from really understanding the people I’m working with.  When it comes to my work in the world and developing as a person I feel that moving forward I’m only going to add more value because I’m not burned out all the time.” (2017 Dalai Lama Fellow)

Key Dates:

  • February 16, 2018: All applications due (Extended deadline for UVA students only)
  • April 15-30, 2018: All Fellows are selected and notified
  • May 1 2018-Virtual Onboarding of Fellows
  • June/July 2018 (TBD): 5 Day Global Assembly in United States
  • July 2018- May 2019: Head, Heart, Hands curriculum, Monthly coaching calls, Learning groups, Project implementation in local communities
  • June 2019 and beyond: Fellows graduate into LifeLong Fellows global leadership and learning community

Interested students can find out more, attend our virtual information sessions, and apply at